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Michael decides to teach the kids how to handle money due to their inability of spending their allowance money wisely.

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Meanwhile, Murtaugh learns that Riana is secretly dating his neighbor and nemesis' (guest star Andrew Patrick Ralston) son. as Roger Murtaugh, Clayne Crawford as Martin Riggs, Kevin Rahm as Capt.

Absent: Tisha Campbell-Martin as Jay When Jay returns, Michael remains silent about her obvious weight gain.

The episode builds to a dream sequence, in which Janet has a nightmare and the entire family is morbidly obese after Michael decides to grow big with her.

You are the best dad in the whole world." Kady gives up quickly after Michael decides to go to Mc Donald's for a Happy Meal.

Claire gives up after a few days when she had to go to school on Jr.'s bike, waking up late, being a social outcast, and Michael deciding he and Kady are going to see the Backstreet Boys with a third ticket and when they want to give it to Kady's doll, she decides to go. gives up on the very last day after realizing that he needs rules in his life after sleeping outside of the house all night after being locked out.

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