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If you’d like to join them, check out the list of open issues. The spec is still in draft but Rails is ready to support it along with Puma.

It can now be omitted entirely, thanks to this enhancement!

That’s it for this week, as always, we couldn’t cover all of the changes, but feel free to check the commits. This is Roque bringing you the latest news from the Rails world.

If you’d like to join them, check out the list of open issues. This release includes Active Storage, a new framework provided by Rails to make it easier to upload and process files. If you’d like to join them, why not check out the list of open issues?

In addition, Rails will send HTTP2 Early Hints if the proxy server supports it, helping the fetch process. 🎉 This change adds supports for passing expires_in options to the #increment and #decrement methods of the Memcached store.

An error will be raised when defining scopes with names already defined by instance methods. Let’s see what we have in store today from the Rails world. A new configuration to flush the idle database connections after a specified period. This change will ensure that you don’t have idle database connections hanging around in your connection pool.

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