Sugar momas dating

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Leading sugar daddy app Seeking Arrangement claims to have nearly 1 million US students on its roster, and more are joining to curb their sugar cravings.

Since writing about the rise of sugar dating and in the UK a few weeks ago, a male sugar baby got in touch. After living frugally, counting pennies after moving to the French capital from a smaller, less well-to-do town, Martin was tired of living the frugal student life.

From my side, I previously had to count every penny and I could not keep up.

I didn't feel comfortable anymore with this kind of life, so Helaine* told me about her experience being a sugar baby.

I didn't like it much to begin with, but today I see it as a way to crunch life to the fullest without having to worry about money.

I'm not sure exactly how many boy toy and sugar mamas [are sugar dating] but there's obviously more boy toy. It's like getting a job, you have to sell yourself – not in terms of money but to show her you fit what she expects.

Imagine a job offer, like they describe the profile and you have to fit to the profile otherwise they don't take you. If she wants a short-term relationship but you want something long-term, she can just say and get the next guy. That's why I don't want to speak about it with people who will judge me. People who judge it are also people from outside, they don't have an insider point of view from it and they don't know the reality. They just read an article and say it's bad and insult you.

Are you open about your arrangement with friends and family? Just two of my friends know but I'm not at all [open about it] with my family. Do you feel there's a stigma generally attached to being a sugar baby? How is it different for male sugar babies in comparison to females?

I don't want my mother to know I'm having an affair with a woman her age. I imagine saying it to my mother: She'd think I'm selling sex for money, which is not the case because of the relationship we have. The main difference in my case is that, well from what I have read is that guys want more sex.

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