Spirit cafe dating

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The north end one leads to an area with a Power Spot, shortcut back to the beginning area and another room that is empty (it's for a request later on).

Go back and head through the other door mentioned to be presented with Destined Partner Quest #5, so answer it and continue forward.

Keep going south, through the next room and there will be a short scene after using the next door.

Open the one you can and then lure the FOE enough that you will be able to pass it by utilizing the shortcut again, then bypass the FOE and open the other shortcut.

Here, you'll find two more Beast of Lust FOEs, which are right next to each other.

While not facing them, move next to one of them and then face towards the one, moving north two steps.

This is the Beast of Lust FOE and you'll run into many more throughout this floor.

Basically, if you face the FOE and move towards it, it will also move towards you.

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