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But when you have that sheer volume of women, that many interactions, that many shit tests and battles with last minute (sometimes hour) resistance, you realize a few things. I’m not talking about 5’s and 6’s, I’m talking about women that would be lorded over back home.

I would say more than half of these bangs came from online game. If you are a decent looking guy, and have any social skills, you should be getting the interest of a lot of women (I think it’s a good idea to sign up for a free account with your photos to get an idea of how much attention you will get or if you want to see the types of girls that are there. I think every man should experience this volume of girls for their inner game development, banging so many pretty girls doesn’t get old, and it helps to lose that tendency to put a very hot girl up on a pedestal because it’s no longer uncommon to get a young beautiful girl. Every girl, without exception, writes these words to describe herself; “Sincere”, “honest”, “loyal”, “simple”, “sexy”, “faithful”, “cute” blah blah blah the list goes on in that vein.

In both cases they folded, but the story I’m telling is about the online girl. Truedat’s girl stays in my apartment until 4 pm the next day waiting on me because she was “afraid for me”.

Meanwhile shes taking photos of herself, IN MY BED and sending them to Truedat.

Cuz I started having this insatiable craving for impregnation phone sex.

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One was online, one was a gorgeous model I met while out. I leave this girl in my apartment to go out saying “I’ll be back soon”, I wind up picking up another girl and taking her to a hotel.They also write what they want and it’s always “To find my one true love” “A committed long term relationship” “No players!” I feel I can say this with some authority, these girls are 100% lying to themselves and to you.He asks her where she is and she tells him her “sister’s condo”.She comes over another time and we are screwing with her when we know where she is.

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