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Then when the party was breaking up and people were headed for home, she asked the Goth to stay behind. We all had a few drinks, so I was feeling more kindly towards people (as I always do after a couple of drinks).

Very nice body and it led to some very hot fucking for all of us. you have to look beyond appearances to see what is really there. I was pegged to stay just to make sure nobody bothered her...

She said she never liked guys much until my brother fucked her, now she follows him everywhere. I thought Goths were just weird, and basically I just blew off the Goth women.

I was dating this older woman while I was in college. She had a party at her house for several of her co-workers and asked me to help her, which I did.

There was one Goth gal there, about 23, and actually she didn't look too bad, but I couldn't handle the black everything with the piercings, the leather studded bands, etc.

We actually got into a little bit of an argument and my gf told both of us to cool it.

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