Kaspersky forefront not updating

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This patch REQUIRES the usual Hot Fix process of entering email address in the MS page and then waiting for a link to an encrypted . This patch took quite some time to install and appeared to be stuck several times, on my highly underpowered Exchange 2010 VM. Prior to the update Forefront, according to HELP, ABOUT, was at build version 11.0.677 and after the update was at 11.0.705.

However, under ENGINE SUMMARY, Kaspersky still showed as v5 (as opposed to v8).

If you happen to work for those companies and have news for me, please get in touch and I can update this page (which I will review and update once a month). I know some of these vendors have a hard time selling AV for Share Point because they view it simply as a document repository.

Search the Window Event Logs for indications of trouble, and take any action necessary to correct it.

Updating your scan engines in a timely fashion is critical in the fight against viruses and spam.

Please see: The link is from 2009 and its contents do not appear to relate to Fore Front 2010.

All of my HEALTH MONITORs are green, nothing related shows in WINDOWS UPDATE and I can not find any references to Kaspersky being retired from FF2010 in Bing/Google The Hot Fix for Fore Front Protection 2010 For Exchange was released on Nov 30th at .

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