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Both main parties targeted Facebook adverts at specific constituencies, with the Conservatives reported to have focused their efforts on battleground seats in the north of England. project, which monitors advertising on Facebook, suggested Labour’s messages were targeted more broadly than the Tories’.

Whereas the Tories focused on simply producing videos for people to watch, Momentum and others prioritised content that was likely to be shared between friends.Officials have ruled his death an accident."The family asks for prayers and privacy right now to come to terms with this tragedy," a spokesperson for the Holt family said in a statement released to WBTV. If you have a loved one, please give them an extra hug today."According to Scary Mommy, some internet commenters were quick to blame Charlie's parents for the tragedy.The article highlighted a few of the judgmental comments that appeared on Huffington Post's Facebook page in response to the incident: Restaurants aren't playgrounds, they are places for dining.Evidence suggests voters find content more convincing if it has been sent to them by someone they know rather than a political party.Sharing between users also meant Momentum only needed to spend £2,000 advertising its content on Facebook.

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