Fender deluxe reverb silverface dating

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Blackface models also had some different value components in various places throughout the amp which resulted in what most players consider to be a better tone.The number of changes varies according to amp model and year.

Selected wires are re-routed and/or shielded or small capacitors are added to stabilize the amp so that it will not become unstable after changing the components.

Pricing for this service varies but is generally about - 0 for most late 60s and early 70s Silverface Fender amps.

Master volume and high power models such as Twins and Showmans can be a little higher depending on how you want us to deal with master volume controls and pull/boost controls.

• Convert circuit to Blackface specification (see below).

Blackfacing: This term refers to the conversion of Fender Silverface (SF) amps (which were built from around 1968 to around 1980) to the more desirable Blackface (BF) circuit configuration (circa 1964 to 1967). for a much lower cost than purchasing a vintage BF model.

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