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That being said, it’s great that you have a “what you see is what you get” attitude. Unfortunately, many of us either can’t or choose not to.

After our debut last week, we have gotten a huge response from readers, so much so that I’ve broken my longstanding Facebook boycott, so that I can share your responses and questions that we didn’t have space for in the column and you can give me any thoughts that you may have for Joe and Jacob.As a 20-something, I don’t want to date someone my dad’s age and I sure as hell don’t want to date anyone’s grandfather; not even for 2 minutes.These days there are definitely options to give you those face to face interactions, instead of the unhealthy and often fruitless ones that we’ve all developed with our keyboards and monitors. Maybe I’ll host a speed dating event in the future.If the correct answer is (b) or (c), then knock it off (said in the most gentle, nurturing way possible).If it’s (a), then maybe you need to make changes to your online profile.

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