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Rape is very often a catalyst for recognising deeper problems.

Most commonly, those who suffer PTSD after rape also lacked support in their families of origin.

I told her that I'd arranged to see her rapist when I was with her last night but she was livid and began to have flashbacks again and broke down after I told her why I wanted to see him.

I canceled the meeting and promised her I would never contact him ever again.

For example, though guilt is felt by most sexual trauma survivors, survivors of date/partner rape tend to feel far more guilt.She's having the dissociation problem right now as we speak and I'm trying my best to help over text but I don't know how much it's helping and whether it's even helping or not. I've been reading a ton about PTSD and rape trauma and how to help victims of rape but I just can't seem to apply some of what I read.Can someone please give me some insight on how to help her with these symptoms effectively?She says she's going to seek therapy once we're back in the United States this fall for college.I contacted her rapist recently, and I had set up a meeting because I needed to see him and hear what he had to say for himself.

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