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I knew they were talking about masturbation, but Id never actually done that. No I didnt become a nymphomaniac if that is what youre thinking. Between that and attending classes and studying I had little time for socializing.The end of my senior year was spent dating, partying, sucking cock and making myself cum quietly in my bedroom hoping my mom didnt hear me. My Freshman year at UCLA brought a dorm room and roommate (even though my moms house was just off campus the dorm was free with my scholarship and I wanted the full college experience). That was OK with me for a while, but soon I needed to have my happy finger time.As for me I lost my virginity my senior year in high school.I had dated the guy for a while and I admit it was more because of the peer pressure of being the last virgin in my group that I let him fuck me.Moms New Boyfriend Chapter 01 By Tappy Mc Widestance My name is Brittney. I was raised on the beaches near LA, was into sports (and boys) and ended up going to UCLA on a swimming scholarship.That made my mom, Cathy (43 years old), very happy.

I wasnt sure what was happening during those quiet times but once I did hear him say Thats right baby. After that I had a pretty good idea what was going on. I had been leaning against the wall next to my door, but now I crawled as quietly as I could toward her room. Ill get this ass nice and red for you, baby, I heard Peter say. But at that moment no rational thought was possible. My nipples were harder than they had ever been and my pussy was pulsating. This time her voice had a much greater sense of urgency. I guess he was human after all and eventually needed to cum. He looked at me and I looked at him but neither of us spoke. I returned to the hallway and handed him the phone. He had control of his emotions far beyond any of the boys Id ever been with. The first one showed my face looking with great anticipation. No doubt she will want a repeat performance of tonight but will be concerned you are here. Her door was seemingly in the same open position from last night so I assumed she was still passed out. I just snuck down the stairs and quietly out the back door. If she passed out again and he and I were in the basement it might work. I wasnt sure what they were and was confused by how I would wear them.

I also found that going slower than I was used to caused me to tease myself and really let the orgasm build. If she met him at the gym he was probably in good shape.

She wouldnt give me many details (his name was Peter and he was 46 but that was it) but she was definitely in a good mood so we know what that means.

My roommate was a nice girl, although she seemed a bit lost in the big city. I carefully waited until my roommate was asleep and then slowly and quietly would finger my clit until I came. I wanted to moan and shout in ecstasy, but I couldnt. During Christmas break I hooked up with my friend who liked me sucking his cock so much. It was during break that mom mentioned she had been dating a guy she met at the gym.

I found it exhilarating to be doing that while she slept just 10 feet away. I convinced him to fuck me, but as I expected it wasnt that great. As I had learned more about my sexual needs I was happy for her to have a guy to take care of her.

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