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What emerged were some interesting findings, particularly when broken down between men and women. Women Men and women are equally likely to engage in an office romance – 55% of men surveyed said they have participated in some type of workplace relationship while 56% of women surveyed have done the same.

The numbers differ when examining the types of relationships men and women had with colleagues: When it comes to platonic relationships in the office, women are more likely than men to have a "work spouse." Of those surveyed, 38% said they had a "work husband," while only 27% had a "work wife." Many of these relationships have taken different turns, according to those surveyed: Regardless of how things turned out, men and women would likely participate in another office romance, with 70% of men saying they would do it again.

One of the hardest parts of taking control is communicating with other people.

If you don’t feel like they’re taking you seriously, ask for another waiter. You’re the only one who is responsible for your health, so if you feel like the waiters are wishy-washy, ask to speak to a manager or the chef.It’s really best to get used to this anxiety while you’re young, because you’ll have to deal with people’s reactions for the rest of your life.I tried a bunch of different communication strategies before finding one that worked for me.These things happen, and they’re part of the process of growing up and taking control.The important thing is to learn from these mistakes so you don’t make them again.

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