Believers and unbelievers dating

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On learning I was a Christian communicator, she related that a professing Christian had signed a contract with her, attempted to lead her to Christ, then later deceitfully undercut her. Aimee asked question on question: "How can you believe the Bible?" "Why do Christians say there is only one way to God? " I tried to answer her concerns tactfully and explained the message of grace as clearly as I could.In pain and anger I wondered, "Why would God allow this to happen to me after I had been trying my best to please him?" Later, students in the Campus Crusade for Christ group at Duke University my freshman year helped me see God's forgiveness as a free gift. Once a Georgia Tech philosophy professor peppered me with questions, which I answered as best I could. Sigmund Freud called religion an illusion humans invent to satisfy their security needs.As we answer them, seeking to blend grace with truth, an increasing number of skeptics may give an ear and become seekers or believers. After trying as a teenager to live in a way that would be pleasing to people and to God, I was nearly expelled from high school for some problems I helped create.For some time after that, I put on hold any investigation into Christianity.Of course, the best way to do this is to comb through the literature and attempt to provide an accurate assessment.

During the last thirty years, perhaps the most captivating theological topic, at least in North America, is the historical Jesus.Almost unavoidably, these two areas make it inevitable that the subject of Jesus’ resurrection will be discussed.To the careful observer, these studies are exhibiting some intriguing tendencies.For the purposes of this essay, I will define moderate conservative approaches to the resurrection as those holding that Jesus was actually raised from the dead in some manner, either bodily (and thus extended in space and time), or as some sort of spiritual body (though often undefined).In other words, if what occurred can be described as having happened to Jesus rather than only to his followers, this range of views will be juxtaposed with those more skeptical positions that nothing actually happened to Jesus and can only be described as a personal experience of the disciples.

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