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The topic is handled delicately and is a great opportunity to open up discussion with children about drug use.

Don't let it make you shy away from the book - it's only a small part of what happens here.

They are two 5th grade girls that are determined to crack the code to popularity.

The book is their private notebook (the pages look like a handwritten diary).

Peppi and Jamie are in rival clubs (Science vs Art) each vying for a table at the school club fair.Garth finds himself sucked into the afterlife but he's still alive.The book centers around his journey to find his way home.Cardboard - The story has a sad beginning - Cam has lost his mom, his Dad doesn't have a job and there is no money for birthday presents. Ghostopolis - Written by the same author as Cardboard (see above).The Oldest Diva was pulled in by the creative story, great characters and amazing artwork.

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