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Cluster 1 (Ensure Healthy Development, Close the Health Gap, Stop Family Violence, Advance Long and Productive Lives) addresses fundamental issues in community population health management.Cluster 2 (Eradicate Social Isolation, End Homelessness, Create Social Responses to a Changing Environment, and Harness Technology for Social Good) seeks to improve community population wellbeing management.Networks are looking for ways to harness the interest and expertise of social work and allied practitioners to create new mechanisms for social change.Dean Barth will describe the goals of this 10 year effort and steps that have been taken, and could be taken, to achieve this agenda for America’s social progress.Additionally, many of us who are called into this field have our own stories and our own past traumas that collide with these pain points of our work.It is often our own history that propels us so powerfully into this work because we have personal insights and experiences with a broken system.They brought together dozens of local thought leaders and community members to serve on planning committees, 16 organization partners, 13 financial sponsors, and 4 media sponsors.They drafted white papers and held public half-day forums to discuss potential solutions in the areas of jobs, justice, and behavioral health.

This interactive course will focus on depression in the elderly, what that means and how clinicians can work through these difficult times with their clients.In the current political climate, it is incumbent on social workers, in whatever practice or educational roles to be comfortable discussing contentious religious, social, and political issues with our clients, constituents, colleagues, and students.While these topics have always been important, they have moved to a more central place in our service delivery systems.Presentation will be followed by overview of general issues impacting social workers in today's work environment.Areas such as our multi-skilled requirements, use of technology, and a multi-generational workforce impacting the profession all at the same time will highlight conference theme.

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